Melissa Gonzalez-Strick, MHS

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Online Services

On-line services is a convenient way for the busy consumer to receive needed support without the added stress of squeezing one more appointment into a hectic schedule. On-line services are designed to offer Coaching to interested persons and is not to be mistaken for counseling/therapy. This website does not offer on-line counseling but rather on-line coaching.

Types of Services

On-line services are offered to those individuals who are seeking guidance in one of three areas: Life Coaching, Parent Coaching and Focus and Motivational Support designed for athletes. On-line services are not to be utilized as clinical therapy or counseling. Persons dealing with a mental health condition or some kind of pathology cannot use on-line services. Persons interested in on-line services must:

  1. Be 18 years of age
  2. Complete and submit the screening form
  3. Be accepted by Melissa for services
  4. Agree to the terms of the disclaimer
  5. Pre-pay for services through PayPal

On-line services are a convenient way to have dialogue with another person who can offer suggestions, ideas and support based on your question or inquiry. These services are not designed to serve as mental health counseling and should not be used as such. This will be determined once you start the on-line process.

Starting the Process

If you decide that on-line services meet your need you can begin the process by
completing the on-line screening form. Once completed you select the submit button and the form is sent directly to Melissa. Once received Melissa will review and send back an e-mail indicating if you have been accepted for on-line services or not. Please allow 48 hours for your response.

If you are not accepted for on-line services Melissa will include a brief reason and the process is over. If you are accepted for on-line services the next step is to select whether you want one e-mail interaction or one of the packages. Once you decide, you must purchase your selection prior to any further interaction with Melissa. An e-mail interaction is one e-mail from you and one response from Melissa. Please remember to be as thorough and thoughtful in describing your question or situation as possible. The more information you can provide the better able Melissa will be in responding to you. With each interaction, please allow 48 hours for a response.

Fees and Payments

Once accepted for on-line services, you can purchase one e-mail interaction or one of the packages. You may want to purchase one interaction to start and see if any further interactions are needed. If you feel more are needed you can purchase them one interaction at a time or by packages. An e-mail interaction is considered one e-mail from you and a response from Melissa. One interaction is $50 keeping in mind that with each interaction Melissa will spend a minimum of thirty minutes reading and composing a response. A three interaction package costs $112.50 and a five interaction package costs $187.50. By purchasing a package you save 25%. Each interaction must be paid in advance through PayPal . If you are seeking face to face Life Coaching, Parent Coaching or Focus and Motivational Support services, the minimum length of a session is 45 minutes with the cost being $50. If you wish to meet for longer periods of time face to face, the cost increases $15 for every 1-15 minute increment after that. Pay Now.