Melissa Gonzalez-Strick, MHS

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Coaching Services

Whether you’re looking for guidance with self-improvement, parenting or need to become more focused and work on motivation, Coaching may be the answer. Not everyone is looking for or needs counseling services. Some people just get a little “off track” and perhaps are looking for an objective perspective – someone to discuss ideas with to help get back “on track.” Coaching Services offers just that.


Life Coaching

Life Coaching is designed to assist persons who are making life transitions or are looking for self-improvement. It is an opportunity for people to receive some support and is a forum to have open dialogue to brainstorm ideas and look at options. Life coaching is not therapy and should not be used as a substitute for mental health counseling. It is not for those individuals who are dealing with a psychological issue or pathology. Life coaching is a form of mentoring and can address topics such as goal-setting, career changes, self-improvement and personal growth.

Parent Coaching

Unfortunately when you become a parent the doctor or nurse does not hand your beautiful baby to you with an instruction booklet. It typically is not something we have learned about in school. And often when we talk with our partner about starting a family, the questions we ask ourselves are “Do we have the money?”

“Do we have the time?” - “Are we ready for the added responsibility?” The question we do not ask ourselves or our partner is “How are we going to parent?”

Parent Coaching is designed to offer support, ideas and techniques to parents who have hit a bump in the road. Raising children can be challenging and sometimes we run out of ideas. Parenting actually starts from the moment your child is born or the moment your child enters your family. It is our perception of what a parent is that helps to form how we will interact with our child. Melissa’s perception of parenting is based on her philosophy that being a parent is an honor and our children must be treated with respect. Utilizing a non-violent approach, parent coaching can assist parents by knowing you are not alone in your frustrations and by learning different techniques to use with your child based on their age.

Focus and Motivation Coaching

Focus and Motivation can become a problem for some athletes at one time or another throughout their sports career. Whether it’s a high school or college athlete, the pressure of success, keeping up with school work and everyday stressors can affect their level of focus. For college athletes who may be dependent upon a sports scholarship, losing one’s focus or not performing at the level in which they know they can, can pose a problem not only for the individual athlete but the entire team. In most situations, the athlete, with the assistance from their coach, can get back into the game. However for others, it may be more difficult. This often leads to both the athlete and the coach becoming frustrated. The goal of Focus and Motivational Coaching by a counselor is to 1) help the athlete identify the stressors in their life, 2) assess the drive and motivational level of the athlete, 3) develop techniques to become re-focused, and 4) set goals with the athlete to determine what it is they really want and how they can achieve it.