Melissa Gonzalez-Strick, MHS

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Sports Counseling

Sports CounselingAthletes benefit most when Coaches, Athletic Trainers and other Sports Professionals work with them from all aspects – mind, body and spirit. Whether an athlete has experienced an injury or has lost their motivation or drive, a Sports Counselor can assist by providing the necessary support. The focus is to increase performance by managing feelings and minimizing the psychological effects of injury or poor performance.

Sports injuries have long been treated through a rehabilitation process which can include occupational and physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy and orthopedics. To ensure optimal care, it is often necessary to consider the psychological aspects. Once viewed traditionally as physical in nature, treatment of sports injuries today are looked upon as a multi-faceted process involving the psychological impact.

The goal of seeking sports counseling for an injury is to 1) reduce the traumatic impact a severe injury can have on an athlete, 2) assist in adjusting to the often lengthy and painful rehabilitation process, 3) assess the athlete’s motivation, and 4) help the athlete set appropriate goals for themselves to ensure a safe return to their sport.